A day in the life of a News Reporter

On Wednesday the 6th of March, we took part in the BBC's Young Reporter Day in our English lessons and before school. The idea behind Young Reporter Day is to give children the chance to report on the stories that matter to them and help get their voice heard.

The day took off with an early start as BBC Radio Lincolnshire came into school at 7am to interview some of us to tell people all about Young Reporter Day. Hope Bolger, who is one of the broadcasters at the radio station, got us to research what was in the News or trending on social media that day. We all picked a different subject we were interested in and wrote a few notes on it to talk about. It was nice to see the range of subjects, like the new opt in system for organ donation to England women winning the SheBelives cup to even how Neon clothes are coming into fashion! I personally really enjoyed looking at the different topics in the media because it taught me what sorts of things are going on in the world around me. I also learnt how to judge whether things in the media are true or not and what sorts of websites you should trust when reading about the News.

It was a pleasure being able to report on a story that I wanted to share on the radio and an amazing opportunity getting to see how they report back to the radio station from a different location.

Later in the day, in our English lesson, we had sixty minutes to produce a five-minute video about the news on stories we had researched. This was so we got an experience of the time limit news reporters have when creating a news bulletin in the real world. After watching a video on ‘What is news?’ by Huw Edwards, Mrs Hewitt put us into groups to come up with and research a story that’s relevant in the news today. We decided to do a range of local, national and international news. In each group, there were around three people - one would be the introducer of the story, another would be the interviewer and the final one the person being interviewed.



When we had all practised our stories we filmed our news bulletin, bringing all the teams together. The stories we included in this TV style broadcast were: the new opt in system for organ donation (national news), recent football matches (international news), creating a new homeless shelter for Lincoln’s YMCA (local news), the new road being built in Lincoln (local news), rumours about Taylor Swift bringing out a new album (international news). We posted our video onto our website and it has been linked to the national Young Reporters’ Day section on the BBC website, along with other schools all over the country.

The day taught us all so much about what it’s like being a news reporter like having to work to deadlines, researching relevant topics and interviewing people. Thank you to Mrs Hewitt and Mrs Eager for organising this for us.

Year 10