Introducing our new rewards system

We are pleased to welcome an all new House Rewards System for Lincoln Minster pupils this academic year, featuring exciting, fun activities and all new prizes. 

After gathering feedback from our pupil questionnaire last year,  this academic year brings a new and improved system which we believe will positively inspire and encourage our students. Pupils reviewed rewards prizes and worked with teachers to decide which they liked and which they would like to change. 

Pupils will now all receive their very own reward cards every half term, each with 50 spaces available to record their reward points. When each card is completed, it will result in 10 House Points.

The reward point criteria will be based on four main aspects; progress, attitude, contribution and effort. In addition to this, other aspects outside of the classroom will also be rewarded such as, fulfilling 'I Am Minster' values and attendance rewards. 

Short term rewards include free food and beverages from in-school cafe, Joe's, such as freshly baked snacks and pupils can also enjoy early lunch passes. 

Once a reward card is full, Heads of Houses collect them and they are then entered into an end of term prize draw.

End of Year prizes vary depending on the amount of completed cards pupils have, starting from the Bronze Award for two completed cards to the Platinum Award, which requires five completed cards. The Platinum Award prizes will include fun activities such as a day out to a theme park! 

Activities throughout the year will include something for everyone, with a balanced variety including sport, art, and even cooking challenges -  with a little teacher involvement as well. 

The Golden Buzzer will be given to students by Headmaster, Mr Mark Wallace for exceptional achievements, and acts as a fast-track ticket to a prize or House Points. 

As part of the House System revamp, we would also like to introduce to you our new House Captains: 

Head of Jackson House: Mrs Parry

Head of Nettleton House: Mrs Snowden

Head of Gibson House: Mr Everitt 

Head of Learoyd House: Miss Wright 

Let the games begin!