Memorial match and alumni get-together December 2017

Old Minsterian past-teacher Mr Thomson, past-pupil Jake Barron and Games teacher Mr Eves report on the recent alumni get-together:

'Anyone who ever attended Lincoln Minster School will know of the Adam and Eve if only because their football occasionally soared over the fence into the pub garden when they were nippers. There will certainly be students of earlier generations who remember the pub because it is immediately opposite the Pottergate boarding house that was.
            It is a lovely old building dating as far back as 1701, when William III was on the throne and Scotland was another country. From one of its quaint and cosy bars you can see the Pottergate Arch and the lofty east end of the Cathedral over which the central tower broods. It is reputed to be the oldest tavern in Lincoln and has been the focus of convivial gatherings for over three centuries.

            How appropriate then that it should be the venue for a festive get-together of Old Minsterians on the 28th December. Mr Freckleton, Mrs Parry, Mrs Wafer, Mr Eves and I met up with students from several generations following the annual football match at the Lindum in memory of Harry Bhalla (see the match report below). I would guess the best represented were the Class of 2009 and the Class of 2014 but I may be sticking my neck out.
            It was an extremely jolly affair under the old black beams, with a cosy log fire burning, while classroom memories and spicy anecdotes of times past bubbled up like the lovely mulled wine which was on offer. The most famous of these involved the kippers above the ceiling in Room 208.

            It was not just a question of looking backwards, of course, and there was plenty to share about universities and careers, not to mention sundry rites of passage from school into adulthood. It was good to hear that everyone seemed to be thriving. Big thanks to Class of 2009's Jake Barron for helping to promote this cordial evening.

            If you want know about the kippers, you’ll have to join us at the next event which is likely to be a School vs Old Minsterians in the summer with a splendid tea. Keep an eye on the Alumni pages for details.' Mr Thomson - Old Minsterian, Class of 2016 (staff)

OldMinsterianxmas1.jpgThe Match Report: LMS XI v LMS Old Boys | Score 3-6 | Scorers: Oliver B x 2 and Hubert K.

'Thankfully, in a return to tradition, the “Bhalla” Game this year was won by the Bhalla XI, something Harry would’ve been very pleased about. The day for the team started off with a hearty and not so healthy breakfast. Over our bacon and pancakes, we discussed the tactics and formations needed in order to prevent the humiliating loss sustained the previous year to happen again, which as the competitive man that he was, Harry would’ve hated.

Arriving at the Lindum Sports Ground again, 9 years after leaving school, brought back both highs and lows. Although filled with the memories of sporting victories, there were also the nightmares of cross-country runs and the screams of PE staff running through our minds. Thankfully that soon passed, and after having quickly caught up with each other, finding out who is growing up and who is clinging onto their youth, we ran out onto the pitch to try and remember how to kick a ball.

As with every year Bobby (Harry’s brother) played, with his father in attendance supporting from the touchline. After a minute's silence to remember Harry, the game started very evenly. After an early fumble at the back LMS scored. 1-0 down after 10 minutes and thoughts of last year were running through our minds. However, this year Simon Crossman decided to leave his two left feet at home and scored to level the game. The game remained level for a while before Ben Warner slotted a free kick from outside the box bringing back memories of David Beckham for England against Greece in 2002. Just before half time Simon Crossman scored again after breaking through, showing a fantastic burst of slow to make the score 2-0. Despite the referees best efforts the half time score was 3-1 to the Bhalla XI.

The second half started with an early opportunity for the Bhalla IX. After multiple shots from differing players, and fantastic saves from the LMS goalkeeper, the goal was wide open for Joe Richards to convert a sitter. The ball bounced up perfectly for him, it was harder for him to miss than to score. With a softly powered header, he gifted the ball straight to the goalie. The attack ended and Joe found himself back in our defence. Further goals for the Bhalla XI came from Tom Monson, Simon Crossman and Ben Rainthorpe. LMS scored two further goals, one of which was a wonderful solo effort, slicing through the aging Bhalla XI defence. The final score finished at 6-3.

The day was a great success for all those involved, a way for all of Harry’s friends and family to catch up on each other’s lives and remember Harry by doing what he loved. Thanks must go out to the LMS players. This game and day is so very special to Harry’s family and friends, and without their participation it would not be able to go ahead. Thanks must also go to Teves (Mr Eves) who puts a lot of unseen work in for the game to go ahead, organised the catering for afterwards and referees the game to the best of his abilities.

Next year marks the 10 year anniversary of Harry’s passing and thoughts of how to mark this sad occasion are being discussed.

Thank you to all those who attended and participated, see you again next year.' - Jake Barron, Old Minsterian, Class of 2009

'An eagerly anticipated football game between the old and the new, the old guard versus the new, and a gathering to remember the much loved Harry Bhalla.
Oliver and Finley put together a fantastic group of players, ranging from Year 10 to Year 13. Bringing in the young guns in: Will E, Jamie S and Jack H; three terrific players from Year 10: Alfie G, Jack T and Jacob B from Year 11; then the leading lights from Sixth Form: Aiden T, Ben W, Hubert K, Alistair M, Sam W, Rory F and Louie S.
The game was moved to the Lindum Association so that the Old Boys could play on the turf that they had graced so many years before.
As a spectacle, the better football was played by the current XI, trying to play progressive football, setting play up from the back and moving the ball quickly using width and speed. For a team that was playing together for the first time, they did tremendously well and got better as the game went on. If it wasn’t for a few errors then I am sure the current pupils would have won the game playing champagne football!' - Mr Eves, PE & Games Teacher
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