Aspiring pilots take to the skies!

Four aspiring pilots from Year 10 took to the skies in an AWAK simulator recently! Tom, Spencer, Oliver and Samuel were invited by a current pilot to experience the thrill of flight and they had the time of their lives. Routes included Spencer flying down the strip in Las Vegas, Oliver taking the plane over Lincoln Cathedral, Sam flying under the Humber Bridge and Tom flying over his village close to the Belmont Transmitter. Mrs GB even had a go at taking off but she quickly let the boys takeover! Take offs, bumpy landings and even mid air refuelling….the experience was amazing. “One of the best days of my life” said one of the boys!

Year 10 at RAF Waddington

A huge thank you to Duncan from RAF Waddington for accommodating the boys and inspiring them to follow their career dreams.

Mrs Glenn-Batchelor
Head of Geography 

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