Year 2 Pupils Bare Foot Walk

Year 2 pupils have spent the afternoon in the Pre-Prep's Outdoor Learning space walking their way through an obstacle course - barefoot!

A special course of tubs containing natural materials - from sand to mud - was set up on the grass inside the Pre-Preparatory grounds and the Year 2 pupils walked their way along the course, experiencing the sensation of stepping in the different materials. 

Bare feet (1)

The activity was led by Pre-Prep's Outdoor Learning Coordinator and Year 2 Teaching Assistant Miss Skelton, she said:

"We have started the term in Outdoor Learning with a 'Bare Foot Walk'. Walking barefoot provides a direct connection to our natural world which in turn allows us to blow off steam, relax and reawaken our senses.

"Research and experience tells us that children (and adults) thrive in the outdoors and natural environments. Wearing shoes places a barrier between our feet and the natural world reducing the health promoting effects of spending time in nature.

"Walking barefoot promotes an affinity for nature which is not only good for our feet, but does wonders for our physical development and social and emotional health and wellbeing."

Come and see our wonderful Outdoor Learning space for yourself at our Open Afternoon on Tuesday 2nd October, 1.30pm-3.30pm.