Boarders and day pupils enjoy first Enrichment Weekend at Disneyland Paris

Boarding pupils were joined by some day pupils for a weekend in Disneyland Paris as Exeat weekends are scrapped in favour of Enrichment Weekends.

60 pupils from both the Preparatory and Senior School enjoyed the trip which took the place of the traditional Exeat weekend for boarding pupils. The pupils travelled by coach and ferry to Disneyland for a Bank Holiday weekend of adventure; spending two days in the park and staying overnight at the Explorers Hotel at Marne-la-Vallée.

The Enrichment Weekend was the first of its kind as Lincoln Minster School acted on feedback from parents of boarders by scrapping the traditional Exeat weekends in favour of culturally enriching experiences for boarding pupils.

Some day pupils accompanied the boarders on the trip and with children from Prep through to Sixth Form attending, they were able to make friends with those from other year groups - helping to integrate boarders further into the school community.

All of the pupils had a fun weekend and were a credit to the school, thank you to the staff who supported the trip and the pupils for their excellent behaviour.