Boarders  vegetable patch project

By Diane McCallum 11 March 2019 Boarding

Boarders at The Mount are seeking your help. We have just started creating our House Vegetable Patch. Our plan is to focus on using recycled items wherever possible.

We will grow organically and will use our plot to learn about more than just gardening; today we covered Mathematics, Biology, Environmental Issues, Economics and Food Science (we began planning meals that we will create from our ingredients but most importantly made hot chocolate to warm ourselves up after we were hailed on)!

Growing our own vegetables is not just huge fun, it is preparing us for life beyond the classroom. We are learning where our food comes from, particularly important when our School is in a County renowned for its farming and produce.

So how can you help?


We are looking for the following items;

* Seed trays,

* Rake

* Hoes

* Hand forks

* Hand trowels.

* Potting Compost

* Seed tray inserts

* Grow pots

* Gardening Gloves

* Secateurs

* Bamboo canes

* Labels

Perhaps you have these things lurking, unused in the back of your shed! We can give them a happy new home!

We would be so grateful if you are able to help with any these items, or anything else that you think might be useful.

Please email who is able to collect anything you can donate.

Thank you in advance,

The Mount’s Enviro-garden Club.