Brownies enjoy Sherwood Pines visit

On Monday 2nd July, 11th Lincoln Brownies set out for a day of Bushcraft and team-building exercises in Sherwood Pines, starting their day with some map reading to find base camp for the day.

Once they arrived, the Brownies built shelters that had to pass the rainstorm and hurricane test - getting quite wet!

After lunch the group worked as a team to get 'Frank' through an obstacle course to safety. Frank, the adult sized mannequin, had passed out in the heat and needed some medical assistance. The girls worked amazingly together and rescued him in record speed that they made it on to the leader-board - well done girls!

They finished the day with some fire lighting; the girls discussed the safety measures needed during hot sunny days and followed accordingly. Then they toasted marshmallows - delicious!

Four of the girls made their Brownie Promise by the fire, what a super way to do it! All of the girls achieved their 'out and about' badge too - all in all, a very successful day!