Bug hunting with Reception pupils

Reception had a wonderful day at Whisby Nature Park on Tuesday 30th of April. The children started the day experiencing what it would be like to see like a fly and buzzing around the indoor classroom. After that we enjoyed hunting for bugs and using what we had learnt at school to identify them, as well as learning about lots of new creatures! The children started down low and worked their way up high to find out which mini-beasts lived in the different areas. It turns out it's much trickier to catch a butterfly than it looks! The children then had a go at creating nature art, this involved using natural resources to create pictures and sculptures of some of the mini-beasts we found. There were lots of very creative interpretations.

Reception Pupils visiting Whisby Nature Reserve
After a yummy picnic in the sunshine, we were visited by a dragon who had lost her eggs! The children went on a woodland trail to find the eggs, using their mathematical skills to make sure they had them all. They then created some new fairy houses using their creative skills to rebuild the ones the dragon had squashed.

A great day was had by all and we look forward to using our new knowledge to find more mini-beasts around school.

Miss Kirkby
EYFS Teacher