EYFS Chinese Heads Revisit the Pre Preparatory School

By Sophie Frater 29 November 2018 EYFS, Nursery

Following their first successful visit, a second group of EYFS Head Teachers visited our Pre-Preparatory school all the way from China,  to learn about our unique and effective teaching approaches towards our Nursery and Reception pupils. The Heads were interested in how we could share best practice and learn from each other's cultures with the potential for future shared projects.The Heads listened whilst Head of Preparatory, Mrs Fiona Thomas and Deputy Head of Pre Preparatory, Mrs Victoria Whitworth, presented their favoured and most effective teaching techniques through observation and using feedback from parents, to the group. 

Fiona presentation

Mrs Thomas presented an introduction to the school and shared teaching styles across our Preparatory schools, whilst Victoria spoke about the planning of lessons and the shift towards pupil lead teaching, which involves pupils leading teachers towards the focus of their lessons, once a general topic is introduced. Victoria gave the perfect example of our phonics lessons which took place this term for the Nursery pupils and how with each letter of the alphabet, they focus on items and animals the pupils like, starting with that letter, such as D for Dinosaurs. 

Big Group image one

The Heads finished the visit with a tour around our classes throughout the site, for the opportunity for them to see examples of the teaching methods mentioned throughout the presentation. 

Following the presentation our visitors presented Victoria and Fiona with beautiful traditional Chinese gifts as a thank you! 

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