ClickView App goes live to LMS Senior Pupils

Senior school pupils are encouraged to access 'ClickView' - the school's new video learning platform in order to support them further with their studies. 'ClickView' allows pupils to access thousands of educational videos which serve to complement their ongoing learning both in the classroom and through homework. Now that pupils have i-Pads, accessing 'ClickView' is easier than ever before, so pupils are encouraged  to spend some time exploring all that 'ClickView' has to offer.

Pupils, if you have not already accessed Lincoln Minster School’s new video learning platform'ClickView', then here is a guide to outline how you may view thousands of educational videos which you can use for revision,  research and homework tasks across all of your subject areas.


- To access ClickView navigate to

- Then use your school email address and password to login.

- Why not have a look at some of the videos available to support your studies in the School Libraries

You can also click on the link below to find out a little more about ClickView.

Have fun exploring 'ClickView' and watch out for homework from your teachers which will have video links embedded in to the task guidance given on 'ShowMyHomework'.

Mr Rick Eastham
Deputy Head (Academic)