Coast to Coast challenge for Year 8 pupil

By Gemma Lowe 06 September 2017 Senior School News, Sport

Another busy summer for one of our pupils! William has completed the 90-mile Coast to Coast Cycle Challenge; see his write-up and video.

'In July of this year, myself, four other boys, their dads and one mum cycled from Carlisle to Newcastle in 3 days in an event called Coast to Coast.

We cycled 30 miles a day in various weather conditions; we took care in heavy rain which made the roads slippery with tyres designed for road bikes that weigh only 9.7kg. We averaged 28 mph in warm sunshine.

I filmed my ride on a Go Pro attached to the handlebars which I have edited into a short film. There were 5 adults and 5 children cycling the boys were aged 11-12, we’ve known each other from primary school. It wasn’t a completely smooth ride, one boy’s wheel became caught in a railway crossing, my brother jumped off his bike and helped him release the wheel, the adults were not aware initially and my brother received thanks for this thinking. Tom had a double wheel puncture from a pot hole. It was a pinch puncture called a snake bite as the holes in the inner tube resemble snake puncture marks.

The route followed Hadrian’s wall for 90 miles, we stopped off for some time to visit the museum. We had a great time, and a lot of fun. Next year we hope to cycle 165 miles from Dover to Paris.'

William - Year 8

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