Compassionate Minster's been busy!

Compassionate Minster, the school's social action group, has had a busy term planning and running a number of social action initiatives. A highlight of the term has been the hosting of a 'Generation T' tea party at the Age UK centre in Lincoln. We visited the Friday Bowls Group for an afternoon of indoor bowls and tea! After much coaching from Bert and the other 'professionals' we began some games! We have to say, we think we have a long way to go before we are as good as the bowls group! After a few hearty games, we then hosted our afternoon tea. We really enjoyed being able to sit with members of the group and chat with them. The cakes were good and the conversation even better! We are now making plans to visit again after Christmas and hope to be able to fundraise for the group. We are also having secret indoor bowls training but sshhh, don't tell them!

Generation T Party

We have also co-ordinated the Senior school's support of the Christmas Sack appeal. After an assembly we delivered, form groups responded to our requests for gifts for children and young people in Lincoln who are unlikely to receive gifts this Christmas. The response was overwhelming with a van load of presents able to be collected by Dave from the Christmas Sack charity. Well done to all who donated and thank you!

Christmas Sack

The end of term Christmas Disco we organised was also a success and helped to raise funds for future social action initiatives. Pupils enjoyed dancing to some good old cheesy classics, inter-dispersed with a House Baby Shark Dance Off and a Zorba the Greek Dance off between Mrs Mackender and Mrs Muir!

Emily - Year 10
Compassionate Minster Member