Debut novel for Sixth Form pupil

Writing under pen name H.C. Delaval, Henry in Year 12 is delighted to announce his debut novel 'The Tragedy of the Burdon Family'.

Henry began working on his debut novel last year, finishing in December 2016 before publishing it in Summer 2017.

Henry's novel, the first in 'The Feddal Castle' series, introduces a wealth of aristocratic characters including Roslyn, Duchess of Shrewsbury, Lady Joan Burdon of Feddal, The Honourable Arabella Burdon of Feddal and Her Imperial Highness and Grand Duchess Anastasia Mikhailovna Romanov, of Russia.

'Set in the modern day and across the 'Feddal Castle' series, these characters undergo the problems of being a modern day aristocrat and the Grand Duchess of Russia being a descendant of an exiled royal. From the financial strains to the emotional traumas of death, insolvency and the Russian Grand Duchess who is travelling around with her skeletal amount of staff after leaving Saint Petersburg for reasons of which she will not speak of...yet.'

We are honoured that Henry has also chosen to dedicate the book to the Lincoln Minster School Creative Writing Club, the dedication is printed on page 1.

Publishing contracts from Pegasus (Cambridge) and Austin Macauley (London) were offered but due to a negotiations over rights, Henry decided to leave looking for a publishers for a while. Now in Sixth Form, Henry has finished his sequel and is currently working on the third novel in the series.

The Tragedy of the Burdon Family is available in paperback and Kindle edition on Amazon (age rating: 12). You can also follow Henry's success on his dedicated Facebook Page.

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