Fun Packed Activities Trip to Newlands Adventure Centre Begins!

It may come as no surprise that the Year 4 trip to The Newlands Adventure Centre is one of the most highly anticipated trips of our Preparatory School calendar. 

Set in one of the UK’s most beautiful and idyllic locations - the Lake District - bursting with an endless variety of outdoor activities that are fun for all ages.

Our Year 4 pupils awoke bright and early to embark on the adventure, which began with a 4 hour coach journey to their destination – bubbling with excitement in anticipation of what awaited them! After a scenic journey, the group of 18 pupils settled into the hotel and regained their strength in preparation for an eventful afternoon of rock climbing. The Adventure Centre Staff, Chloe, Brian and Jake, were absolutely fantastic as they guided their groups of LMS students through the rules and techniques of climbing the walls. 

Our Year 4’s were expertly shown how to set up for a safe rock climb and practiced tying strong knots in their ropes and harnesses, with expert advice.

Although it proved to be an incredibly challenging sport, the pupils showed true persistence and focus - starting on the beginners’ walls and concluding on some of the hardest walls at the venue! A particular well done to Taniel, who succeeded to the top on an advanced difficulty wall, consisting of a tricky, almost horizontal angular bend!

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Instructor, Brian was so impressed with the pupils' progress that he introduced a competitive game for them to take part in. They had to throw a chalk ball against the wall to mark and measure where each individual’s highest point was on their climbs. This was a brilliant way of encouraging the pupils to go little further on each climb, beating their personal bests.

By the end of the session, the pupils proudly showcased their newfound confidence and even volunteered to tackle some of the hardest walls at the venue - with the majority of them reaching the very top! Every single pupil gave 100% and improved significantly throughout the afternoon, showing support and teamwork as they did so.

The Year 4’s ended their first day with a hearty three-course meal of meatballs and ice cream, followed by a game of ‘Mini Olympics’, put together by the staff in the football field across from the hotel.

They did a fantastic job throughout their first day representing Lincoln Minster school.

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