House Competition: Pick Me Up Boxes

The schools Eco-Committee is running a House Competition collecting donations of 'Pick Me Up' boxes for local mental health charity MIND.

Year 13 pupil Mia of the Eco-Committee is currently asking for donations of 'Pick Me Up' boxes, which will be going to teenagers with mental health issues through the local branch of mental health charity MIND.

Each box should contain at least 5 items hand-picked to inspire and encourage self-care. 

Ideas for items…

Products and tips for a good night’s sleep.

Items to recharge the body and mind.

‘May The Thoughts Be With You’ message from Eco-Committee - something to read to remind people that they’re not alone in their feelings. The Eco-Committee will put this into the box when it is handed in.

A small donation if you’re feeling extra generous.

Example Box:

Notebook - for recording thoughts and feelings 

Handwarmers - it’s coming up for winter and warmth provides comfort.

Cosmetic products - to encourage self care.

A compact mirror - symbol that everyone is beautiful in their own way and a reminder of self love.

Others: Good luck charms, tissues, pens, bookmarks and a purse.

Message from the Eco-Committee.

Pupils, staff and parents can donate boxes aimed specifically for boys or girls or they can be gender neutral. It is asked that no damaged or dangerous items are put into the boxes. The box itself can be any type of box e.g. a shoebox with Christmas wrapping paper.

This is a House Competition - the house that donates the most boxes will get 100 points and each box donated by a pupil is worth 5 points. Pupils are to give the boxes to either their form tutors or the school office, and they will then be collected by House Captains.

The deadline for the boxes is Monday 26th November