LMS Iceland Trip, April 2018

Year 10 and 11 LMS students have been enjoying a special Geography trip overseas during the Easter break to Iceland.
The trip has been a huge success so far! The journey to their accommodation proved to be very insightful as the students got to experience some of the unique aspects the country has to offer. They were able to stand with one foot on the North American Tectonic plate and the other on the Eurasion plate in a shopping centre that had been split in half by an earthquake! 
Iceland 2
After safely arriving at the accommodation, the students were treated to spectacular views over the nearby glacier.
The trip consisted of a full itinerary of visits to the black beach, a museum and three waterfalls including  one of the largest waterfalls in Europe before being amazed by the geysers nearby!
Not only did the students get to see first hand a lot of the geography of Iceland, they also gained excessive knowledge about the culture and heritage of the country. 
Iceland 7
The trip also included a visit to the  Lava Centre, one of Iceland’s newest interactive exhibits where the students learnt more about the volcanoes and earthquakes that have shaped this country.
iceland trip round 2
They ended the day with a relaxing time in the Blue Lagoon, a hot, mineral rich geothermal pool.
The final day in Iceland began with dry suit snorkelling in a fissure, situated between the two tectonic plates. Although rather cold, the students and staff had an amazing experience! The remainder of the day consisted of discovering how Iceland uses the power  of volcanoes to build the country and  a visit to a geothermal power plant before finishing with a tour of the capital Reykjavik.
Iceland final day
Keep a look out for more stunning imagery of the trip across our social media pages! 
iceland final day two