Introducing... Poppy Miller

By Hannah Fisher 17 October 2018 Sport

This academic year sees the introduction of a unique and inspirational programme for our pupils to participate in, with current high profile coaches and performers visiting Lincoln Minster School.

To date we have sessions planned for pupils to take part in with our Sports Ambassadors every half term with the aims to see what it takes to be an elite performer, training methods and to look at the psychology traits needed to being an elite performer. Pupils will have the opportunity to take part in sessions with the Sports Ambassadors as the coach.


Here we introduce one such Sports Ambassador, past pupil... 

Poppy Miller

2013 - 2017
University of South Carolina Beaufort - Graduated with a Communications Studies Degree and played on the women's soccer team. 

2014 - 2017
Intern at local news station - WHHI TV

2017- Present
Host of The Q Trivia - A live daily trivia app available worldwide for download in the apple and android app store.

2017- Present
Sideline Reporter /TV Digital Host - Charleston Battery Soccer Club

2018 - Present
Commentator / TV Digital Host - Charleston Battery Soccer Club
I commentate all home and away matches broadcast on ESPN+ and on our local ABC affiliate. Only female Play by Play Commentator in the league. (United Soccer League) 


Travelling to California for pre-season. We toured Fox Studios, trained and played several matches out there. It will always be one of my favourite memories!

The University itself was beautiful. We were 20 minutes from the beach and everyone was very relaxed and so incredibly friendly. I can remember walking through the campus during my first week and everyone was so smiley and welcoming, it was also nice to go to class in shorts t-shirt and flip flops. I also enjoyed my Communications classes and had some fantastic professors that have become great friends.

Our senior day (last home match of the regular season my Senior year) we played against one of our rivals and my family were in the stands. It was a special moment celebrating with my teammates and reflecting on all the memories we had made over the years.

Graduation was also a surreal day. I was very fortunate that my family were able to come out and visit regularly and it was great to have them there to celebrate. (and a big relief my degree was complete haha!)

During pre-season the Charleston Battery (USL) hosted several MLS clubs (in english terms MLS is the Premier League and USL is the Championship) throughout the week I went to each teams training and interviewed several key players and coaches. I also was the sideline reporter for the matches and they were broadcasted nationally on BeIN Sports.

Commentating my first match for the Charleston Battery was so nerve wracking but I hope to keep growing and learning in the role. Every game I gain more confidence and I’m very grateful to have the opportunity. 


The day I left England for the States. In the airport saying bye to my family was probably one of the worst days I’ve ever had. Everything flight wise that could have gone wrong that day did, and I was travelling for over 24 hours. However, I was met at the airport by one of my new teammates and roommates who’s family took me in and treated my like one of their own. I am eternally grateful to her and her family for everything they did for me.

The first couple of months in America were extremely hard. I was very homesick and I had gone from training twice a week to every single day and during the month of pre-season often three sessions a day. It also took awhile to acclimatise to the heat, it was around 100 degrees when we were training midday.

It was so difficult to find a job straight out of college. I knew that it was going to be difficult to get my foot in the door in the broadcasting world but was determined to do everything I could to get on the ladder. I applied for hundreds of jobs, not just in football but in all sports. I had got as much experience as possible during my time at college with local news stations but had little contacts.

I reported from a Golf tournament during Spring Break my senior year and met a contact who offered to pass my information and broadcast clips along to someone her husband knew at the Charleston Battery. I was extremely grateful but not hopeful as I had sent so many emails out at this point. Well, it turned out her husband knew the owner of the Charleston Battery, who on the Monday asked if I could come in to interview on Wednesday and I started on the Saturday which was the first match of the USL season! I was absolutely thrilled! I commuted a couple of days a week to work whilst I finished my degree, then after graduation started full time! 


My ultimate dream would be to cover the Premier League from the States. I love watching Rebecca Lowe on NBC, she is someone I really look up to. Football has grown so much here, even in the short time I have been here. It’s an exciting time and I believe there is a lot more opportunities for women in football here and I hope to continue chasing my dream. I have also grown up fascinated by the Olympics so to report at the Olympics would be a dream come true.


If I could give anyone that is considering studying in another country or thinking about going overseas to play a sport any advice it would be go for it! Create your own opportunities, you’ll never know unless you try!