Try Life Drawing classes at Lincoln Minster School

By Gemma Lowe 27 September 2017 Uncategorised

Popular Life Drawing classes run by our Art Department are returning from the 7th October.

The sessions that are open to students as well as new members from the arts community in Lincoln.

They are run by Head of Department for Art, Graphics, Photography & Textiles, Cathy Servonat-Blanc:

"Life Drawing is an essential ingredient within the A Level curriculum and has enabled students to gain places at top Universities to study not only Fine Art, but Fashion and Architecture. In particular, the University of Cambridge regard this discipline highly  when selecting candidates for undergraduate courses in Architecture. 

"Students can join the Life Drawing group by invitation having been identified as  showing both aptitude, passion and commitment to the subject."

Art is an important part of school life; find out more about Art at Lincoln Minster School.

For more information about our Life Drawing classes, please get in touch.