Lincoln Spark Festival Of Engineering

Congratulations to Sammy-J, Arthur J, Julia P, Charlie S, Louis S and Tom W who presented their Go4Set project at the Lincoln Spark Festival of Engineering in the Cathedral earlier this month. They have spent four months working on designing a sustainable Island School of the future with engineers from local company Wyman Gordon. Their final solution incorporated ‘Glassrooms’ powered by solar panelsLincoln Minster School pupils at Lincoln Sparks Festival, living pods to be built by new students as a first term project, 'Aquaponics' to provide food in the form of fish and plants and a modern and exciting curriculum designed to facilitate Island living which included marine biology and sustainable engineering in their academic curriculum with spear fishing and wind surfing for co-curricular activities.The team had to write a report, build a model, give a presentation and answer questions from a team of assessors to complete this project. Feedback from the assessors was that their written project report was the best they had ever seen. Their hard work has enabled them to gain an Industrial Cadets Bronze Award which is a significant achievement for them.

Mrs Mason
Head of Science

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