LMS Shortlisted for Tech & Innovation Award

By Simon Cornish 14 May 2019

We are delighted to announce that LMS has been shortlisted as a finalist for the Innovation in Education & Training Award at the 2019 Lincolnshire Technology & Innovation Awards hosted by, for the use of iPads in supporting pupil learning.
Since its inception in 2015, the Lincs Tech and Innovation Awards has been dedicated to celebrating, rewarding and raising the profile of creatives, innovators and tech communities across the county of Lincolnshire.

You can read why Lincoln Minster has been shortlisted for the Innovation in Education & Training Award below. 


Please give a background to the business to give the judges a broad overview of what is being entered               LFinalist Graphicincoln Minster School is an independent school of around 600 students situated in the city of Lincoln. We are regularly looking for ways to enhance and improve the quality and delivery of the education we offer to our students. Often these innovations revolve around new technologies.
After identifying mobile technology as a key area of development for the future we began planning to introduce a 1:1 iPad project across the school. Every student was to be supplied with their own iPad to be used in the school, and at home, to make learning more accessible and to provide new ways to work collaboratively.
An iPad, coupled with cloud software and storage in the shape of Microsoft Office 365, and a variety of apps assessed and approved by teaching staff would help ensure this was possible. There was a requirement for central management of the iPads to ensure that safeguarding needs were met as well allowing technical staff to support the rollout.

Please state the importance of the innovation to the company, what it has enabled and the benefits of the innovative strategy 
The iPad project was launched in December 2018 and has already made an impact to the school and delivery of lessons.
Students now have instant access to resources without the need of folders full of paper. Multimedia resources are now easier to introduce in a lesson and can be easily distributed to students for homework and revision purposes.
Independent research is more straightforward as teachers no longer need to book ICT Suites. Research can be carried out without needing to change classrooms and can be introduced dynamically as the teacher requires.
Students are able to share their work with the class via Apple TV devices connected to interactive whiteboards and touch screen televisions in the classroom. This leads to more collaborative classroom sessions and a greater interactivity between students in the classroom.
Homework is now set electronically in many cases and can be completed, marked and assessed from the student and teacher iPads. This includes teacher feedback both written and verbal through the Showbie app. As a result, feedback to students is far more efficient and student misconceptions are being picked up and corrected much more quickly; and importantly, before they have become ingrained.
Students also benefit hugely from having the ability to be more creative in the way they present their work. Rather than just being able to work in books, they are able to submit their work using a wide range of electronic formats. This is particularly having a noticeable effect on students with less confidence in their academics. They are now able to choose a format to work in that best suits them, they are familiar and happy with and as a result, are producing vastly improved content and quality of outcome.
Selected students act as Digital Leaders to assist other students in the way they use their iPads. They make app and workflow recommendations from a student perspective, giving a valuable alternative take on teaching situations. They also provide technical support for those students that need it and this helps the Digital Leaders develop their own leadership skills within the school environment.
Teachers continue to drive the project forwards and are always looking for ways to utilise the iPads as a teaching aid. They are becoming a regularly used tool and a key part of the teaching toolkit at Lincoln Minster School. Regular training and knowledge sharing is provided to staff through INSET days with Apple Educators and our staff are using these to full advantage to enhance their classroom sessions.
The introduction of the iPads and the way they are used has enhanced the way we teach and learn at Lincoln Minster School. Students and staff alike have embraced the project and continue to drive it forwards in the way they use their iPads on a daily basis.

Please tell the judges why you believe this is an award winning idea for this category? Why does it deserve to be recognised by the wider tech industry? 
The iPads have already become an integral part of our school and are used on a daily basis. Whilst the technology is not new we believe the way we use it greatly enhances our school educational environment. The implementation of the correct supporting infrastructure and the continued development of both staff and students means that the project continues to develop. We hope to see further innovation from our staff in terms of lesson delivery that will continue to improve our school and make us a leader in this style of education delivery.

Simon Cornish
Systems & Network Manager 


The winner will be announced on Thursday 13th June during the Awards ceremony at Lincolnshire Showground.