'My life as a Girl Chorister'

Year 7 pupil, Georgia, writes about her busy schedule as a Cathedral Chorister in her local Parish magazine 'Shoreline'.

Georgia - who sings as a Lincoln Cathedral Chorister -proudly features across a double page in the magazine, which is distributed amongst the Skegness group of parishes.

Writing for Shoreline magazine, Georgia says:

"I love being a Chorister and I love singing, I mean I really love singing. It’s early November and I don’t have day off now until Boxing Day but let me tell you it does not bother me, it only bothers me when I cannot sing during the summer holidays!

"...Once Choir practice is finished, I’m off to Lincoln Minster School to which I am lucky to be able to go.I started in the senior school this year so from being the oldest inYear 6 I have now become one of the youngest in Year 7, that’s ok though because I can handle myself and get on with most of the students. I work hard at all my subjects and I have the privilege of being able to learn the flute and piano and LMS gives me the opportunities to excel in the area that I love (Music). In addition to the Cathedral Choir I sing for the School’s Chamber Choir and play in Flashy Flutes and the Symphonic Wind Band.Yes I like to take part in everything, I don’t like to miss a thing.They also like to push me which I like."

Read the full article in Shoreline Magazine.

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