Newly appointed Junior Road Safety Officers get to work.

By Hannah Fisher 07 December 2018 Prep School News

This week Year 6 pupils Aya and Grace set to work as our new Junior Road Safety Officers. They set their alarms and jumped out of bed early so they could arrive at school whilst it was still dark. They wanted to carry out a survey of all the children arriving at the Prep site to see how many were arriving with items of reflective clothing.

Junior Road Safety OfficersScreenshot 2018-12-07 at 14.42.48Every year, children are injured and killed on the roads when they are not seen clearly by oncoming traffic. When school starts after the Christmas break, Grace and Aya will be launching a competition to raise awareness of this important issue.

Year 6 Grace said:

"We're very pleased to be helping LMS children to be safer near roads."

Great work girls!

Mr Burton
Deputy Head of Preparatory School