Nursery children make edible elephant faces

By Sophie Frater 12 October 2018 EYFS, Nursery

This term, our Nursery pupils have been busy working their way through the alphabet, with a strong focus on phonics. This creative programme incorporates fun and educational activities through child led learning, centred around phonics.

Nursery pupils are currently on 'E' week and have incorporated an exciting activity to help perfect their knowledge of this letter. Pre-Preparatory School Head, Mrs Victoria Whitworth, helped the Nursery children to make edible elephant faces out of bagels, buns, berries and sliced vegetables! 

Each letter and topic is also linked to a selection of story books, such as Jill Murphy's elephant book series. The 'E' theme week also included pupils finding out more about the healthy diets elephants eat, and why they have trunks.

The Nursery are applying child led learning as they focus on a different letter per week, linking the children's individual interests to their everyday learning. So far the children have made Cupcakes during 'C'week, where they learnt about the scientific elements of how flour is made. 

For 'D' week, pupils made a dinosaur den and their very own dinosaur eggs and footprints, with a counting exercise and the creative process of matching footprints to the relevant dinosaur! Ducks were also a part of D week, as staff provided the children with plastic ducks to play with in the water with numbers on the bottom. The activity involved the pupils matching the number on the bottom of the duck with the matching amount of pebbles in the bottom of the water.

Chef Rob has also helped to incorporate foods into learning by providing snacks, fitting with the theme. 

This fun and creative way of learning phonics colmbines outdoor learning with creative and core subjects, and is proving to be incredibly effective. Staff have seen positive progress already since the beginning of the academic year. 

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