Operation Olympus: Taking Hockey to New Heights.

This Summer, pupils from the Senior school are heading to the Himalayas to set a world record attempt for the Highest game of Hockey played. 

Twenty pupils, from Years 9 to 12, are setting out this July with PE Teacher, Mr Tom Eves, to trek approximately 5,200m up the Annapurna Mountain Range in the Himalayas of north-central Nepal. Once they have reached their location, the party will play a 40 minute game of Hockey that will set a new world record for the highest game of hockey ever played.

The group will be accompanied by the CEO of Hurricane Sports Foundation, Gary Johnson, the manager of GB Mens Hockey, Andy Halliday, and ten members of Hockey for Heroes, including managing director Joel Forrester

Gary has spent time developing each pupil into young Hockey leaders who are confident, knowledgeable and comfortable in delivering game-based activities under his watchful and precise guidance. Gary’s highly refined coaching and player development skills will be keenly utilised by us all in trying to be the best we can be in Nepal. 

The pupils from Lincoln Minster School will be able to use their newly accumulated coaching skills, working alongside their experienced and skilled mentors from Hockey for Heroes. Each member from Hockey for Heroes can draw upon on their vast amount of expertise from their military, teaching and professional backgrounds.

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Hockey for Heroes have added further impetuous and prestige to the trip. It will be a privilege to work alongside members of their team and learn many new skills by drawing on their playing, coaching and life experiences. Recently, Hockey for Heroes have successfully completed fundraising events, ‘#OpEndure’ and ‘#OpStretcher’, to support British Charity, ‘Help for Heroes'.

To add a further challenge to the trip, Andy Halliday will be dribbling a Hockey ball throughout the duration of the trek. Amongst his many fantastic Hockey playing and coaching achievements, Andy has raised thousands of pounds by performing his ‘Extreme Dribbling’ challenges across the UK. This may be his ultimate challenge yet and one we will all be supporting him on!

En route, the group will be visiting schools and communities to coach fun, engaging Hockey games to children and young adults as the most important and fundamental aim of the trip is to leave a legacy of Hockey for the Nepalese people - a country that has low levels of Hockey participation. We hope to inspire through our coaching and donation of sticks and balls to the various communities we engage with. We aim to teach the benefits of Hockey and how it can bring people together, whether it is for leisure, competition or just to stay fit and healthy. It is with our love of the game of Hockey, that we wish to ‘Take Hockey to new Heights’.