Pupils cover important topics in PSHE Curriculum Days

Recent Pastoral Curriculum Days have seen talks from Lincolnshire Fire and Rescue, Young Addaction and more.

Pupils in Year 8 and 10 have been enjoying PSHE curriculum days where they have learned about important topics such as alcohol awareness, fire risks, healthy relationships and anti-social behaviour.

The curriculum days are the first of their kind at Lincoln Minster School and saw pupils in Year 8 and 10 getting involved in workshop-style activities and discussions led by representatives from a number of local agencies.

Young Addaction delivered a session on Alcohol Awareness; pupils discussed whether Alcohol should be classed as a drug and were given the opportunity to wear 'Beer Goggles' to help them understand how alcohol alters perceptions and normal functions.


Dan from Safer Communities discussed the pros and cons of social media and wider internet use with a focus on where pupils can seek support from if they find themselves in a tricky situation online.


A lively session on Fire Awareness was delivered by Jo from Lincolnshire Fire and Rescue; her photos of the risks of charging phones under pillows and discussions around fire safety at home certainly got pupils thinking about how to keep themselves safe.

A workshop with two local PSCOs encouraged pupils to consider what constitutes anti-social behaviour and the impact it has on communities within Lincolnshire.

Discussions reflecting upon Healthy Relationships was delivered by Neil from Safer Communities through which pupils were encouraged to discuss the features of both healthy and unhealthy relationships.


Two busy but very informative days! We would like to extend our thanks to all of the agency speakers who delivered the sessions and we look forward to working with them again in the future.

Our pastoral curriculum, celebrated as 'Excellent' in a recent ISI inspection, prepares pupils with the skills, knowledge, values and behaviour needed to negotiate their teenage years safely and with positive outcomes. Through weekly PSHCE lessons, pupils discuss a range of personal, social, health and economic topics; this year we have introduced wider pastoral curriculum days where we invite in external speakers, groups and agencies to deliver their expertise.

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