Pre-Prep pupils enjoy new mud kitchen

Pupils were delighted to see the new messy addition to their outdoor learning space at the start of term.

The  Pre-Prep mud kitchen, which will primarily be used by pupils in Reception, Year 1 and Year 2, encourages learning through play and will be used as part of their outdoor learning experience.

Built in the summer holidays by Teaching Assistant and Holiday Club Manager Becky Skelton with the help of her family, the kitchen aims to let children play, explore and get messy - making their own minds up about how they use it.

Becky has been pleased with the response from the children so far, she said:

"Outdoor learning is an important part of a child's development and it is a great way to bring out another side of our pupils as they get back to basics. At the Pre-Prep, we place a lot of emphasis on the emotional wellbeing of our pupils and by using the mud kitchen, the children are encouraged to be mindful and aware of their surroundings which leads to an improvement in their response to various situations and their ability to focus in lessons.

"Not only is mud play a fun activity to entertain and engage children, it is also brilliant for developing a child’s key skills. Children are able to develop their communication skills whilst role-playing with others in the mud kitchen, as well as developing physically through the movement and handling of the equipment."

[/vc_column_text][vc_gallery type="flickity_style" images="5076,5075,5074" flickity_controls="pagination" flickity_desktop_columns="1" flickity_small_desktop_columns="1" flickity_tablet_columns="1" flickity_box_shadow="none" onclick="link_no"][vc_column_text]The response has been very enthusiastic with pupils commenting: "I really like the mud kitchen, it's great fun!", "There's so much mud Miss Skelton!", "Anybody want a mud pie? Or maybe mud soup?" and "We can make a cake, or a pie or anything we like! Yum!"

Parent Kellie Wood said: "The Outdoor Learning provision at the Pre-Prep really is outstanding.  Miss Skelton who has spearheaded the project has created an area where the children can explore the outdoors and carry out bushcraft type activities.  It has been wonderful to see the children inspired by the outdoor learning.  Whilst our daughter was in Year 1, she enjoyed learning to light a fire under controlled conditions with traditional methods, creating paint using only items from the outdoors and other fantastic projects.  Our son has just started in Reception and was so excited to get to use the mud kitchen that Miss Skelton created over the summer holidays.

"As parents we are very keen that our children are exposed to all the outdoors can offer in terms of learning and also helping to create a healthy balance in their young lives."

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