Pre-Preparatory Pupils Are Mindful Monsters

Pre-Preparatory pupils enjoy first assembly of the new academic year meeting staff from all areas of the school and learning about becoming 'Mindful Monsters'. 

Pupils from the Pre-Preparatory site were welcomed into the school this morning with a special assembly by Deputy Head of Pre-Preparatory Mrs Whitworth. Staff from many areas of the school - from catering to maintenance to administration - were present, to aid in the children's recognition of adults present in the school community and, to play the parts of 'mindful monsters'. 

The 'Mindful Monsters' reward scheme, based on the children's book of the same name by author Sylva Fae, focuses on seven rainbow monsters who represent seven different traits: Healthy Red, Sporty Orange, Mellow Yellow, Gorgeous Green, Funny Blue, Sparkly Indigo and Adventurous Violet. Throughout the school year, the children will be encouraged to show that they too are 'Mindful Monsters', and in doing so will be rewarded with a special coloured sticker. Trying a new type of fruit at snack time may be rewarded with a 'Healthy Red sticker' whereas acts of kindness may earn a child a 'Gorgeous Green' sticker.

This works alongside our ethos of the Pre-Preparatory school being a safe, happy and exciting place that enables children to learn and develop not only academically but as a whole child, and in turn their confidence flourishes. 

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