Prep School introduces reward tokens designed by pupils

Pupils at our Preparatory School are excited to welcome a new currency of reward tokens that will celebrate the importance of values such as friendship and kindness.

The token idea was suggested by Year 6 pupil, Martha, who wanted to encourage everyone at the school to think of others. Martha's idea has developed and finally become a reality after teachers held a competition to find a design for the tokens before getting them produced.

Once launched, pupils will receive a special token when they are recognised for displaying one of the core values and they can add this to a tube representing their House - similar to token collections for charities in supermarkets - the leading Houses can then be rewarded.

Martha is delighted that her ideas have been brought to life, she said:

"It was my idea to use tokens to make others think about being nice to everyone and stick to our Lincoln Minster School values. I think it is really cool that the teachers considered my idea so good that it has now happened and everyone worked together so that the tokens could become a real thing!"

Once Martha had suggested her idea, staff at the Preparatory School launched a competition amongst pupils to find a winning design to feature on the tokens. 

The winner of the design competition was Year 5's Mia, she said:

"I came up with the idea of a nice design to fit around the shape of the token and I wanted something colourful and friendly so I made my design really bright. It has the values written on it and also pictures of friendship. There are a lot of good designs and I was so happy and really surprised that mine won!"

The tokens have now been produced and delivered to the school and will enter circulation amongst pupils in the coming weeks.

Fiona Thomas, Head of the Preparatory School, introduced the tokens in assembly to an audience of pupils and parents, saying:

"We would like to say a huge well done to Martha and Mia for their ideas and creativity in making Lincoln Minster School a friendly place to be."

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