Psychology students attend London conference

Psychology students have been on an exciting trip to London to attend a Psychology conference and to view the BodyWorlds exhibition.
The conference was fascinating, we listened to talks given by a forensic psychologist about profiling and understanding serial killers such as Jack the Ripper. As well as talks about debunking some of the more traditional, but most famous experiments in Psychology. The keynote speaker was Professor Elizabeth Loftus a world famous psychologist who studies memory. Her talk focused on false memories and eyewitness testimony, something we study in our A level specification. We then took advantage of the lovely weather and walked to Piccadilly Circus, taking in the sights of London.

BodyWorlds is an exhibition exploring the human body through the use of real life bodies that have been donated. The bodies are prepared using a unique plastination procedure developed by Gunther Von Hager’s. The exhibition starts literally, and figuratively, on the top floor with the brain and central nervous system, something we study in depth in psychology so it was great to be able to see these biological components displayed. The exhibition gives fascinating insight into how to live your best and most healthy life whilst relating beautifully to our learning in psychology.

The psychology students, and Mrs Gladwin, behaved impeccably and although it was a very long day we all felt enriched by the day.

Mrs Shelley
Teacher of Social Sciences


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