Pupil news: '21st Century Christmas: is it time for a change?'

Report written by LMS News pupils: Callum T, Scarlet T and William M.

At this time of year, we thought it would be good to investigate what Christmas means to people today. Is it still a religious festival or are people more interested in getting presents, eating too much and binging on films and TV? Maybe there is still more to Christmas than that?

People today, of all ages, do not think the religious side of Christmas matters too much. When we asked whether Christmas should be celebrated at all if people weren’t religious, many pointed out that it was actually a pagan festival before it was ever ‘Christmas’, and so there was no reason to stop without the connection to religion. One person, however, said “God put this world here. If people don’t respect him, they can’t enjoy Christmas”. And, another pupil stated that “it is a time of friendship, brotherhood and a time to celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ”. 

He is not alone in stressing some important values at this time of year. Many people we interviewed thought family was another vital aspect of Christmas. One teacher said that it was about, “stopping everything and focusing on important things like seeing your family and also having a rest”. We expect all teachers will be glad of a break from marking this Christmas!

On the other hand, some of the younger generation were much more focused on presents and one person, when asked what Christmas meant, simply stated, “fun”.

Our recent Christmas Jumper Day certainly did cause some fun and frivolity - it was great to see so many varied takes on the classic Christmas attire - but we also raised money for St Barnabas’ Hospice in the process. Overall, whatever your own views – religious or otherwise - we agree with the words of the famous Carol, “tis the season to be jolly!”