Pupils achieve Industrial Cadets Bronze Award with engineering and environmental project

By Gemma Price 21 September 2018 co-curricular, Science

Last term a group of Year 9 pupils worked on an extended project to design an environmentally friendly factory.

The project that took place over three months saw them work with engineering mentors from the firm of Wyman Gordon which was an invaluable experience.

They studied chocolate-making and decided that the most important environmental factor (currently a hot topic) was the amount of plastic waste that would come from the chocolate wrappers. As a result of this, they researched and designed a biodegradable wrapper made from the discarded cocoa bean husks.

Their final presentation and celebration day took place over the summer at the University of Lincoln. The pupils had to present their ideas with a display to a team of engineers and University staff.


Their display was excellent and they received very positive feedback - excellent packaging designs, a highly visual and easy to follow display, they responded very well to questioning - a very impressive project overall.

As a result of their work the pupils have all gained an Industrial Cadets Bronze Award and developed very useful work skills as well as thoroughly enjoying the project.

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