RAF STEM day for Year 9 pupils

As part of their centenary celebrations, the RAF sponsored a Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths (STEM) event for our Yr 9 students.

On 22nd June, the Smallpiece Trust along with the RAF delivered an aircraft design workshop. The students worked in teams to discover the principles behind flight and then design and build their own flying machine.

In the morning, the students learned the importance of teamwork, completing a tower building challenge and making wing prototypes in a limited time - to be successful it was important to divide up tasks and make sure there was good communication within the team.

In the afternoon the students had to have their design approved before they were able to take it into production. They needed a drawing, a cost analysis of their aircraft based on materials used, a marketing poster and above all the needed a working prototype aircraft. This involved cutting out wooden wings to their own design, building and soldering their circuit and attached their circuit to their aircraft making sure it was finely balanced for flight.

This was a tall order for an afternoons work, and lessons were learned from the morning were essential for the students to manage the task in the allotted time. Finally the students were able to test and present their aircraft.

Runners up ‘Team Propulsion’ created an extraordinary biplane which seriously impressed the workshop presenters. Winning team 'Light Bulb Airways' produced a lovely curved wing, giving their aircraft lift with a carefully weighted tail for balance. As always our students impressed the team delivering the event, with their attitude and endeavours and the way they presented and celebrated each other’s successes.

Well done to all pupils involved and to the RAF for supporting the day.

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