Senior Girls AEGON School Tennis

Last week the Senior Girls Team started the National Schools Tennis Tournament.

The standard of play from both schools in their match was oustanding for the stage of the competition and the girls played a round of singles and then moved onto doubles.  A couple of the games were very tight with the overall scores being 2 rubbers to each school at the end of singles play. 

With it all hanging on the doubles results, the girls had a very positive attitude and started well.  Both games were excellent to watch with hard fast balls being hit from both sides.  After a nail-biting 45 minutes pairing, two eventually won 6-4 and the first pair coming back from 3-5 down to take us through to the next stage of the tournament. 

All in all another sucessful day on the tennis court for the senior team!  Well done.


Player 1:  Rose T

Player 2:  Zoe M

Player 3:  Lourna B

Player 4:  Lauren L

Final Score: Lincoln Minster School - 8 vs Beauchamp School - 4

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