Should you trust a  Mathematician?

By Mr Baker 28 June 2019 Senior School News, Maths

A group of Year 10 pupils went on a 'Mathematics Enrichment Day' on Wednesday 26th June. The pupils all had a fantastic day and looked at many different ways Maths can help to solve problems.

The group attended workshops throughout the morning including ‘Can Maths really save your life?’. This involved learning about how a Mathematician was successfully able to save his own life when trapped in a cave, and more recently how a Mathematician was able to help overturn a wrongful conviction.
LMS pupils on Maths Challenge Day
In the afternoon they pupils heard a superb lecture by a Mathematician from The University of Cambridge entitled ‘Should you trust a Mathematician?’. This covered modern uses of Maths including ‘Machine Learning’. Topics included applications in medicine, military operations, and even how well-meaning mathematicians constructed an algorithm which produced ‘racist’ hand wash dispensers. They also learnt about ‘The Doctor’s Fallacy’ which shows that our instincts can often be incorrect, and even some of the most highly educated professionals in the world can misunderstand Mathematics.

Mr Baker
Teacher of Mathematics

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