Tanzania Expedition: In Pictures

Pupils on our Tanzania expedition have had a busy few days so far as they begin construction work at Sakila Secondary School, meet local school children and see the difference previous efforts by Lincoln Minster pupils has made.

Upon arrival, the group set up their tents (pictured) on the school grounds of Sakila Secondary School where they will be helping with a construction project.

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When they first arrived they were greeted by the students of the school with a fantastic, and touching, dance and singing performance (pictured). There were some speeches from the Headmaster and local students welcoming the group and thanking them for their help and support in improving the school, and therefore lives of the local children.

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The group were then given a tour by senior teachers and invited into the Headmaster's office where he explained that £1100 of the money raised by Lincoln Minster students had been spent purchasing the materials for the project.

The construction project involves constructing a perimeter fence and main gate for the school. The Headteacher explained how important this is for the security of the school and children who study here. 

Students introduced themselves to the local school children and teachers (pictured).

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The below photo is of Lauren, who was nominated leader for the day, thanking the Headteacher and other senior teachers for the delicious lunch they provided on arrival.
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With the work beginning on the construction project, Sam (pictured) breaks the ground for the first time. The day saw a huge amount of hard work with pick axes and shovels to dig holes and ditches. Students then mixed up cement to lay in the ditches along with some large rocks. The group have worked especially hard and far exceeded what was expected of them in the first day. They also worked an extra two hours longer than expected.
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Students also visited 'The Voice Secondary School' on their first day in Tanzania. A few years ago,  Lincoln Minster students helped with the initial construction of this school, laying the foundations for the first building (pictured).
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The school is now thriving and doing great work, especially with Albino students who have an incredibly difficult life in Tanzania. It has been rewarding for students to see the school now thriving after a previous group of our students helped with the initial construction a few years ago.
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