UL schools unite for A Level Geography Fieldwork Residential

During the last term our A Level Geographers united with students from other United Learning schools across the UK to undertake a fieldwork residential.

We arrived at the centre and were instantly greeted by the lovely fieldwork staff and our teacher for the course; Sam. Our first investigation was into ‘Changing Places’ within the town of Keswick, analysing the sense of place and the multiple indices of deprivation. Later we then interviewed the general public and overall got a feel for the place. In the evening we had a summary lesson to go over the theory of the data we had just collected. The food provided by the center was amazing and prepared us for the day.

On the second day of work we travelled to Silloth and Skinburness in order to compare sediment size and effectiveness of sea defences. The weather was just perfect for the few days we were there, allowing us to get accurate results whilst enjoying our time in a beautiful UNESCO world heritage site. Alongside all of our fieldwork and data collection we enjoyed a plentiful amount of free time in which we got to know the students from the other two schools Hull Collegiate and Richard Rose Academy in a beautiful setting.

In the Blencathra centre there were several recreational rooms in which we spent our down time arguing over Love Island and challenging each other at table tennis! As well as the dinners and breakfasts provided we were also able to craft our own packed lunches with foods provided and making our own hot drinks if we desired.

On our final day we trekked up a mountain in the morning before beginning our fieldwork for the day which included infiltration rates and carbon sequestration. The pre-breakfast mountain trek introduced us to more of this beautiful landscape including a view over Derwent water and Keswick and was rewarded with a full English on return to the centre!

Throughout the three days we learned valuable methodologies into how to conduct fieldwork, assisting us in completing our NEA, which we will be undertaking over the next few months, worth 20% of our overall grade. Furthermore our knowledge of topics completed during our lessons have been consolidated and put into practice in real life terms, preparing us for higher education and potential work, depending on our career paths.

Mrs Glenn-Batchelor
Head of Geography

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