Vote for Sixth Form pupil Sophie's Art work  in The International High School Arts Festival.

By Hannah Fisher 06 March 2019 Art, Sixth Form

Year 13 Art student Sophie has had her work submitted in the 2019 International High School Arts Festival, please support Sophie by voting for her piece on United Learning's social media channels with a post like.

On her work, Sophie said:

"Since the beginning of A-levels - especially in Year 13 - I have focused on producing work that is based on the style of photo realism. I took inspiration from a few artists that are known for producing paintings that are extremely realistic; such as Michael Gaskell and Raoof Haghighi, the compositional inspiration for my painting ‘Libby’, came from a few Lucian Freud’s ‘Girl in Bed’. Another feature I like to include in my artworks is high contrast lighting, as I like to work with how the shadows and highlights contour the face.

The painting is named after my close friend Libby, as she is the model for the painting. The editing process was a quite important factor in the process of producing the painting, this is because in order to reflect the composition of Lucien Freud’s painting I had to make it seem as if the model was in the nude (obviously the only way I could do this was through photoshop), this meant that a couple of hours were spent editing the photograph in order to achieve this. Another obstacle I came across before putting paint to canvas, was the issue of the hand in the photograph I had chosen to use was not as aesthetically pleasing as I had wished and did not contribute to the composition in a positive way. As a result of this I needed to decide on a hand from another photograph from the photoshoot of Libby I had taken and use photoshop to edit that hand in and make it look as natural as possible. After a few hours of editing I was finally ready to begin the painting process.

final edit Sophie Browing

The way in which I work to some may seem quite unusual, I personally favour working in small sections and ‘working my way out’; for example I started working on the eye of my model and then slowly began to work my way around the other facial features until the face was completed to a photo realistic standard and I then went on to work on the hand finger by finger. Because of the amount of detail creating a photo realistic painting consists of, I often found myself talking a whole hour, sometimes more, just to finish one feature, such as a finger. Finishing the painting gave me huge satisfaction and sense of accomplishment and I can say I am immensely proud of the work I have produced."

The winning piece and the four runners-up will be decided by combining the weighted scores from each of four votes. The number of combined 'likes' for each piece on the United Learning's Art social media channels - Facebook, Instagram and Twitter - accounts for 25% of the final score, so please support and get 'liking'! A further 25% of the score will be voted for by Art teachers, 25% by Headteachers and Chairs of Governors from across United Learning and the final 25% by local Manchester artist, Ruby Tingle

These winners will be announced on Thursday 21st March