Year 3 host charity toy sale

The Year 3 'Toy Sale' was a great success and so far we have raised £129 but more is to come.The idea for the toy sale came from the pupils themselves. As part of our topic on The Ancient Mayans the children learnt about the rainforests. In our English lessons we learnt about the threats the rainforests are under. We also have been learning about persuasive language, so the children wrote persuasive letters to Prince Charles to ask for changes to be made. This led on to ideas for fundraising, we wanted it to be eco-friendly and involve recycling.

Mila came up with the idea of the toy sale. All the children were very excited and motivated. They made posters to advertise the sale, brought in toys to sell and were amazing at selling their toys to the Pre-Prep pupils. They are all so proud of what they have achieved!


Thank you also to the Charity Committee for all your help and to the Pre-Prep school Counsellors. Thank you to everyone who supported our sale. There is still a chance to buy some toys at the Pre-Prep, they are in the school reception and donations can be left there.

WELL DONE Year Three - you are amazing!

Mrs Lorraine Marshall
Year 3 Teacher