Year 4 Pupils Brave the High Ropes on Day 2 of the Newlands Adventure Centre Trip

Our Year 4s have been extremely busy having a brilliant time in Cumbria. The sun has been shining brightly since they arrived and after an eventful first day of rock climbing -  their adventures continued with a morning of High Ropes!

The Adventure Centre staff did a fantastic job at walking the pupils from their hotel to the location, which was based amongst a gathering of tall trees with a series of thick ropes tactfully tied between them.

The pupils showed great enthusiasm as they listened intently on the instructions given to them on how to walk on a high rope safely. Staff member Chloe, gave an example on the practice route of the correct ways for the children to clip their safety harnesses onto the High Ropes and lean their body weight accordingly on different parts of the ropes.

Screen Shot 2018-05-25 at 13.57.08

The pupils began on the practice route, where they got the chance to practice the security of their harnesses as they switched ropes and got used to the specific techniques and safety rules. This was particularly difficult for some of the Year 4s, as the upper ropes were placed reasonably high, making it harder for them to reach up to clip on their harnesses. Once all Year 4s completed the practice route, they were allowed to move onto the next course, which was undoubtedly harder and much higher.

Screen Shot 2018-05-25 at 13.39.27

Both the LMS and Adventure Centre staff were extremely impressed by the braveness of pupils and the support they showed one another. Every single pupil gave it a really good try, and it was noted that although some of the students weren’t particularly comfortable with heights, they were brave enough to try anyway!

Once the Year 4 pupils made it over a 2nd course, consisting of a double roped bridge and moving log bridges, they got to enjoy the zip wire at the end. We were especially impressed with Rohan and his persistence -  he pushed himself through every part of the high ropes despite the difficulties and made it to the end, showing great improvement in a short space of time - well done Rohan!


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